Anonymous — Did the highbloods you worked for celebrate the holi(blaze it)days?

D »—> Yes

D »—> The cleanup was atrocious

D »—> As were their tempers

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D »—> This will have to suffice

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Anonymous — Ok but what's with Dark leers shirt on the second pic?
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Anonymous — Who do you get it on with?

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Tomorrow starts the Year of the Horse! To celebrate, here are a bunch of vaguely equine talksprites, which you can download here. (Feel free to use them with credit, but don’t edit/use them as a base or I will find you)

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thanks for over a thousand followers!!!!!! you all have excellent taste & amazing patience. the holiday season is keeping me super busy but there are more (very serious and not-goofy) updates coming soon!!

thanks for over a thousand followers!!!!!! you all have excellent taste & amazing patience. the holiday season is keeping me super busy but there are more (very serious and not-goofy) updates coming soon!!

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Hey tumblr!

A good friend and altogether lovely girl, Dartty has hit some misfortune and needs your help! Yesterday her dad was hospitalised because of a medical emergency, and while it looks like he is doing ok for the moment there has been some pretty scary news unveiled.

Like a great deal of people, Dart and her father aren’t insured, and for dumb bureaucratic reasons the state is refusing to help her pay the hospital bills. And worse yet, this isn’t the first medical emergency her dad has had in recent memory, and the hospital bill from last time is still awaiting to be fully paid.

As her friends, spread all over the globe, we can’t help Dartty’s dad in the hospital with anything beyond prayers and well-wishes. We can, however, help them make ends meet and get together money for those hospital bills, so that is exactly what we are going to do!

In a group effort to raise the money needed, we are going to be offering commissions in reward for donations. Of course every dollar helps, but if anyone at all can be swayed into spending a little more on a fantastic gal in need, here is our prices for the cause!

  • $5 - Sketch tier! A regular black and white sketch.
  • $15 - Bust! A fully coloured bust.
  • $25 - Waist-up! A waist-up picture, fully coloured.
  • $50 or higher - Full picture! A (simple) full body picture, fully coloured.
  • Additional characters on any tier are 50% of the base price per character.

Note: Some of the artists offer additional tiers, which can be found in their section on the artists page.


Of course, because of the circumstances we are asking for payment upfront. If you decided to help out, even just for a dollar, please paypal your contribution to and take a screenshot of the payment confirmation screen. Then send us an email at with that screenshot as an attachment (as proof that you donated), your request and a top three list in order of preference of which artists you would like to see fulfill your request. For more info, consult our FAQ page.

Because we don’t all have a lot of free time we can’t give you a 100% guarantee that your request will be picked up by your number one choice, but we’ll try the hardest we can to make sure everyone gets what they asked for.

A list of participating artists can be found here. The artists participating are subject to change, so be sure to check this page out to see if there’ve been any changes made since the fundraiser launched.

If you’ve got any money to spare please consider donating something, if only a dollar. Even if you can’t spare any money, we would greatly appreciate any signal boosts on this post!

Since we do not have an estimate on the new hospital bills yet, all of us are focusing on getting the old bills paid first, which amounts to a total sum of 2000$. That is a lot of money guys, and as we’ve only raised a bit over 500$ so far, more than half of which coming from one very generous donator, any contribution would help. Please consider donating and signal boosting!

We’ll be tracking our progress towards the goal over here!

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D »—> This fan functions perfectly well

D »—> I do not understand why you would request my services

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D »—> In a roundabout way

D »—> Very poorly

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